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When we look at the world today, we see people in search of something… yes, the Covid-19 pandemic may require us to be apart, but that doesn’t mean we need to be alone. We are searching for meaning, and the way to add meaning to life is by doing something meaningful. This week, our Chabad Center became the subject of a social media post where some saw rocks they wrongly assumed were meant for destruction. But we see stones that we are going to use to build. 

Our world is seeking justice. We’re all anguished by the brutal suffocation of George Floyd and we need to do all we can to end injustice in our world. But is this the way? 

What happened in front of Chabad of Sherman Oaks happened for a reason. It's a sign that we need to do something about what’s going on. This is not us. This is not what we stand for.  We don’t achieve justice by smashing windows, looting stores or burning cars. In Judaism we have the true meaning of Justice. In Hebrew, Justice is translated as Tzedakah - which also means charity. True justice is doing something right in the face of wrong, and fighting darkness with light. 

Join us in our Share 4 Justice campaign! Here’s how it works: Do a mitzvah that’s meaningful to you like Tzedakah - make a donation to charity, light Shabbat candles, wear tefillin, or even join a class and share it with a friend, and ask them to do the same, and together we will Share 4 Justice!

“True justice is doing something right in the face of wrong, and fighting darkness with light.’ - Rabbi Mendel Lipskier

Step 1: Do Something Good

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Name Mitzvah
Naomi Leah Other Act of Kindness
Raizel plotnikov Join a Class
Raizel plotnikov Join a Class
David malka Wear Teffilin
atara Light Shabbat Candles
Gary A. Wear Teffilin
Glenn nixon Light Shabbat Candles
April Troncoso Light Shabbat Candles
Sigalit Sharabi Other Act of Kindness
Sarah goldberg Light Shabbat Candles
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Marla Lopez $18.00
Anna Chulskaya $18.00
Anonymous $101.00
Chaim Shepes $100.00
Lola and Oliver $180.00
Philip Stein $180.00
Julie Sauer $180.00
Yosef Shabtay $180.00
April Troncoso $36.00
Max Edlin $18.00
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